Tuesday, October 23, 2018

                                                               THE FXXXKIN VENOMOUS SNAKE

you are a doctor or medic going on expedition or remote site sooner or later you will have to cope with snake, venomous venomous, bites.
There are several species of snakes spread across the four continents
AFRICA AND MIDDLE EAST: Cobras, spitting cobras, vipers and asps
ASIA: Cobras, Russel s viper and Pit Viper
AUSTRALASIA: black snakes, tiger snakes
AMERICAS: coral snakes, rattlesnakes

  • local pain, swelling, bruising, blistering on the site of bite
  • regional linphnodes enlargement
Depending on snake:
  • incoagulable blood and spontaneous systemic bleeding
  • Hypotension to shock
  • progressive generalized paralysis 
  • acute renal failure from rabdomiolisis

  • Remove rings and bracelets from the site affected before swalling
  • clean wound and apply pressure-immobilization: perform a bandage such as for ankle sprains with a 10 cm wide bandage as long as possible and include a splint to immobilize the limb affected
  • supportive therapy: cristalloids and colloids in case of shock and acute renal insufficiency
  • assist ventilation in case of respiratory distress by respiratory muscles paralysis 
  • ANTIVENOM: SLOW IV INJECTION OF 4-5 VIALS DILUTED IN 500 ML OF NORMAL SALINE (usually antivenin is polyvalent for the most dangerous species of snake for a specific region.
Be prepared with Adrenaline 0,5 mg i.m. in case of anaphylactic shock.

Pressure bandage

I triede to do the stuff as simple as possible from yours docvpb that’s all 


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